Smart Home 1m x 20cm PVC-U Drainage Water Channel for Solution Fitting
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Smart Home 1m x 20cm PVC-U Drainage Water Channel for Solution Fitting

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Smart Home PVC-U drainage solution is one of the most comprehensive product in the market with full range from 32mm to 160mm. It is mainly used in drainage lines to residential and industrial projects.

Material: Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride
Size: 32mm – 160mm
Pipes Length: 6 meters straight length
Area of application:
Waste water pipes inside/outside buildings
Main drainage lines
Disposal of irrigation waste
Water channels and canals
Various industrial plants
Ducting Systems
Jointing: PVC Solvent Cement
Color: White fittings and white pipes with two orange stripes
Installation temperature: up to 60°
The Advantages of Smart Home – PVC Drainage System are:
Manufactured from the finest PVC material
Long lengths of pipes – 6 meters – reduces the number of joints and reducing the opportunities of leakage
Long-term durability to survive in high temperatures (against deformities)
Complete drainage solution includes all pipes, fittings, floor drains, screens, gully traps and water channels.
PVC 90° elbow and tee include wide inspection door to facilitate maintenance process
Smooth surface that assures low friction loss and high flow
Light weight, ease of transportation, handling and installation
Longest installing distance of pipes in fittings

 Smart Home New reinforced Polypropylene drainage water channel constructed for underground installation with 20cm width, 20cm depth and 1m Length.

• Excellent resistance for aggressive waste water.

• Four optional lateral pipes outlets, Ø110mm at each side, and Ø50mm at each side.

• One optional bottom outlet Ø75mm .

• Designed for easily attachment at both ends for extending purposes either in longitudinal or transversal directions.

• Every unit contains 5 optional cutting steps allow length trimming by 10cm for each step (cutting lines are marked by CUT HERE).

• Strong PP cover able to withstand up to 2 Tons of static load.

• Designed to be anchored to set the location before final fixation.

• Having a free volume flow rate up to 500 liter/min .

Installation Tips:
  • Pipe cut must be upright for proper jointing with fitting and a sandpaper should be used to remove burrs from pipe.
  • Wipe the end of the pipe from inside and outside with clean cloth to remove dirt, grease and/or moisture. Do not apply adhesive until the pipe is clean and dry
  • The joint surfaces must be softened and remain wet with solvent cement during joint assembly.
  • A thin coat of the adhesive should be applied inside the fitting and outside the pipe to fill in the gap between the pipe and fittings
  • Assembly must be made while the surfaces are still wet and the solvent cement is still fluid
  • Joint strength develops as the solvent evaporate from the joint
  • Cleaner primer must be used to prime and clean all jointing surfaces, before application of solvent cement. Cleaner primer softens the surface and is essential to a successful jointing process.
  • No additive of any kind should be introduced to the cleaner primer, or to the solvent cement. Ensure that the solvent cement is in good condition and runs freely with the brush.

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Smart Home Customer Care
We support our customers in making cost effective and correct use of our pipes and fittings range .
This involves assistance in planning , installation , training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and product disposal. Our sales and service representatives basic goal is not only to satisfy our customers, but to offer them an experience that exceeds their expectation. We aim to extend our automated customer services through our internet website, providing service 24-hour a day.
Whatever the situation may be, our call center staff make sure that they don’t leave our customers with unanswered questions.

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Smart Home Quality Assurance 
The production of a quality controlled pipe system demands supervision , regulation and control on all work operations . We follow DIN-guidelines , DVGW working sheets and Supervisory Regulations of the MPA NRW , to maintain minimum requirements for internal control , through internal audits and laboratory tests.