Samsung 634L(22.4cu.ft) Freestanding Refrigerator Side By Side in Silver
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Samsung 634L(22.4cu.ft) Freestanding Refrigerator Side By Side in Silver

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  • Product SKU: SAM-090-RS68A8820S9/MR
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Samsung 634(22.4cu.ft)  Freestanding Refrigerator Side By Side RS68A8820S9/MR

More space on the inside - the same size on the outside
SpaceMax ™ technology
You can store more food thanks to the extra spacious interior of 634 liters *. The unique SpaceMax ™ technology uses a special high-urethane insulation that makes the sides of the refrigerator extremely thin without compromising energy efficiency. So it offers much more storage space inside without increasing the outside dimensions.

Choose from 5 conversion modes as needed
Smart Conversion ™ technology
Enjoy flexible storage capabilities thanks to Smart Conversion ™ technology. With Twin Cooling technology, you can switch between 5 modes. Simply convert the freezer into a fridge to store more fresh food. Turn off the fridge or freezer to save energy, or use the freezer as a mini fridge.

Moist freshness with independent cooling
Twin Cooling Plus ™ technology
We guarantee you to keep food in the refrigerator in moisture and freshness for twice as long *, as the Twin Cooling Plus ™ technology allows you to optimize the temperature and humidity of the fridge and freezer with a separate cooling system. In addition, it preserves the food better and protects it from altered taste by preventing odors from mixing.

More flexible space for storing drinks and food
Make better use of refrigerator space with this versatile juice rack, which has a spacious design so you can store standard size juice bottles and wide juice bottles. The flat shape of the rack also makes it more versatile, as it can accommodate other foods, such as pizza boxes and eggs.

Stylish and coordinated design
Compact design
Give your home a modern and elegantly finished look. The compact design fits perfectly with your appliances and cabinets to create a seamless kitchen interior. Its minimalist design features flat doors, recessed handles, hidden screen, flat juice rack, gray pantry boxes and lunch boxes *.

More storage space for foods while reducing wasted space
Flat cooling tube
Get more space without compromising performance. Unlike traditional tubes, the thin cooling hatch at the back of the fridge is completely flat, which reduces wasted space and provides more space for food storage. However, the cooling and ventilation functions remain just as effective, so everything stays fresh and delicious.

Seamless accessibility
Seamless access elements
Enjoy style and smooth handling, even if you have any trouble getting in the way. The seamless controls improve the simplicity of the design, as they are located inside the refrigerator. It's also close at hand, even if you are seated in a wheelchair, and can be accessed with one hand. This is to ensure better accessibility for people with special needs.

Less noise and energy saving
Digital Inverter Technology
Enjoy lower noise and greater energy efficiency. Unlike conventional compressors, a Digital Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling requirements. Therefore, the refrigerator runs much quieter than conventional models, producing a noise level of 37 dB. It also conforms to new energy laws that save consumers a lot of money.

Suitable freshness
Precise cooling
Keep food freshness, flavor and unique texture unchanged for longer periods. Independent cooling elements in each cabin cool all nooks and crannies evenly. The advanced insulation reduces any fluctuation in heat, no matter how cold or hot outside it is. As for the digital inverter technology, its role is to accurately sense the temperature and then control it properly.

Lasting freshness
Mineral cooling
Keep food fresh, even if you open and close the door often. A metal cooling tube at the back helps maintain optimum indoor temperature. It also keeps cold and prevents the loss of cold air when opening the door. It quickly regains any heat loss when closed again.

More Snow, More Space
Indoor snow maker
Create more space to store more food, and get more ice by using the indoor ice maker. And since it's built into the door, it gives you extra storage space by loosening up the freezer shelves space, and it can make and store a lot of ice. And you can easily see the remaining amount through the transparent plastic cover.

Anywhere installation
Ice and water dispenser without tubes
Install your refrigerator anywhere without plumbing or messy pipes. It has a large BPA free * water tank for unsanitary water and ice dispenser. So it can be installed almost anywhere. There is no need to change the water filter regularly, which saves you time and money.

* BPA (bisphenol A) is found in polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resin that are often used to make food and beverage containers, and this substance is likely associated with many health complications.

Fast cooling and freezing on request
Power Cool and Power Freeze features
Enjoy a fast cooling performance. At the touch of a button, the Power Cool feature works to release cold air intensively in the refrigerator to cool your food and drink very quickly. The Power Freeze function also provides a quick burst of cold air in the freezer. Hence, they are great for freezing foods, or further freezing frozen foods, and making ice.

Gross Total(Liter) 652 L
Gross for Freezer(Liter)
Gross for Fridge(Liter) 415 L
Net Total(Liter) 634 L
Net for Freezer(Liter)
Net for Fridge(Liter) 402 L
Physical specification
Net Width(mm) 912 mm
Net Case Height with Hinge(mm)
Net Case Height without Hinge(mm) 1747 mm
Net Depth with Door Handle(mm) 716 mm
Net Depth without Door Handle(mm) 616 mm
Net Depth without Door(mm) 610 mm
Packing Width(mm) 980 mm
Packing Height(mm) 1912 mm
Packing Depth(mm) 776 mm
Net Weight(kg)
Packing Weight(kg) 118 kg
20/40/40H (Container) 18/36/36
Cooling Features
No Frost Yes
Multi Flow Yes
Power Cool Function Yes
Power Freeze Function Yes
Cooling Type Twin Cooling Plus
Refrigerator Features
Number of Shelf (Total) 4 EA
Rack for drinks n/a
The number of door enclosures 5 EA
Egg tray (egg tray) Yes
Indoor LED lighting LED overhead lighting
Racking material Tempered glass
Number of vegetable and fruit drawers 2 EA
Freezer Features
Number of Shelf (Total) 4 EA
Number of Door Pocket 2 EA
Icemaker Automatic indoor ice maker
Interior LED Light LED overhead lighting
Number of Drawer 2 EA
General Feature
Door Alarm Yes
Compressor Digitizer compressor
Exterior Features
Dispenser with Water Filter Yes
Screen type Indoor (Ice Blue)
Knob Recessed handles
the color Polished stainless steel
Distributor type Snow and water (pipes)
Energy Efficiency Class A+
Weather level SN, N, ST, T
Holiday mode Yes

10 Years Warranty on The Compressor

Samsung Customer Service 16694