Bosch 'Series 2' 60cm Built-In Single Oven
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Bosch 'Series 2' 60cm Built-In Single Oven

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Made In Turkey
5 Year warranty

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Electric Oven Stainless steel 60 cm. Oven Capacity: 67 L , Dimensions (H/W/D):59.5 cm x 59.5 cm x 54.8 cm

Bosch ovens, fit every kitchen and satisfy every need with style,elegance and confort.
Bosch built-in ovens are so sublime on the outside that we almost forget to talk about their ease of use Telescopic rails for easy baking or checking the cooking, Pyrolysis function for automatic cleaning and even 30 preinstalled recipes for perfect results. guaranteed!

Telescopic rails 
Allows you to pull out baking trays, wire shelves or the universal pan at three levels No tilt over because the pull out device is mounted in the oven's back in a safe and stable manner Baking trays, wire shelves and universal pans, which are delivered as standard accessories, can be used with all kinds of drawers

Steam Function 
Foods cooked with hot steam are juicy and tender as all the flavours, vitamins and minerals are retained. 

Life tastes good with Bosch, it could even taste better with the 'Series 6' ovenS.
The timeless design of the Bosch oven 'Series 6' gives a pleasurable desire to cook! With the 30 Pulsed the AutoPilot support system, the results are just perfect 

Multifonction oven 
For the most gourmet families, new ovens 90 cm wide.
Neat design 
XXL cavity

Made in Turkey

    Color Stainless steel
    Installation type Built In
    Oven types Electric
    Oven Capacity 67 L
    Height 59.5 cm
    Width 59.5 cm
    Depth 54.8 cm
    • Multifunction oven (5 heating modes: Bottom heat, Hot air grilling, Conventional heat, 3D Hot air, Full width variable grill)
    • Electronic clock
    • Child lock
    • Large capacity oven (67 L) with shelf supports
    • sheet metal door
    • Appliance dimension (hxwxd): 595 mm x 595 mm x 548 mm
    • Enamelled cavity (brown)
    • Temperature range 50 °C - 270 °C
    • Interior lighting
    • 1 x enamel baking tray, 1 x combination grid, 1 x universal pan
    • Integral cooling fan
    • Total connected load electric: 3.6 KW
    • Cable with plug (1.00 m)




    5 Year warranty

    To set the Self Clean mode:

    1. Remove all accessories and racks from the oven.
    2. Select the oven to be self-cleaned (for double ovens). If there is a cooking mode on for selected oven, press Oven Clear/Off to end the running mode.
    3. Press the Self Clean button below the display. The Self Clean icon q appears in the display. The Self Clean timer default (4:00) hours blinks to indicate it can be accepted or changed. To accept the 4:00 hour default Self Clean time, press Enter on the numeric keypad. To enter a different number of hours use the numeric keypad. The value entered must be within the range of 2:00 to 4:00 hours. Entering a value less than 2:00 or greater than 4:00 results in an error tone and message. Use a longer setting for a heavily soiled oven.


    1. When the desired Self Clean time is displayed press Enter on the numeric keypad. The oven door locks prior to starting Self Clean. The door lock symbol L is displayed and blinks while the door is being locked. Once locked, the door lock symbol is continuously illuminated (not blinking).

    The door lock symbol remains illuminated as long as
    the Self Clean mode is running.
    Note: The door remains locked until the oven has
    cooled down after self-cleaning. The door can be
    opened again only after Self Clean disappears from the

    1. Self Clean starts and the oven Self Clean timer begins its countdown. To Cancel Self Clean Press the Oven Clear/Off button to cancel Self Clean. When the Self Clean timer ends, for safety the unit must cool down before the door can unlock. During this period the message “COOLING DOWN” is displayed.
    2. When the cool down is complete, the message “SELF CLEAN FINISHED” is displayed.
    3. Press Oven Clear/Off to clear the display when Self Clean is finished.
    4. After the oven has cooled down and the door is unlocked, wipe remaining ash from the oven using a moist cloth.

    The oven light cannot be turned on during Self Clean.
    The special heat-resistant enamel and the polished
    components in the oven can become discolored over
    time. This is normal and does not affect operation. Do
    not use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners to treat
     In double oven models: Self Clean is only available for
    one oven at a time. The other oven must be turned off.
    Avoid These Cleaners
    Do not use commercial oven cleaners such as Easy Off®.
    They may damage the oven finish or parts.
    Never use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners.
    Do not use flammable cleaners such as lighter fluid or
    Chlorine or chlorine compounds in some cleaners are
    corrosive to stainless steel. Check ingredients on label
    before using.
    Bosch  customer service phone: 15196