Ideal Standard Toilet Set 'New Capri' with Soft Close Seat and Cover
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Ideal Standard Toilet Set 'New Capri' with Soft Close Seat and Cover

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Made in Egypt
Life time warranty 

Tank & Seat Sold Separately

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Ideal standard toilet set 'new capri' with soft closure seat and cover

Our Capri™ collection offers exceptional styling that mirrors the modern Scandinavian approach to shapes in design. The large oval openings of our lavatories, bidets, and water closets provide you with exceptional comfort while adding unique styling to your bathroom design. A modern look that will keep its appeal for years to come.

- Designed to look beautiful With simple clean lines and contemporary styling. AquaBlade TM Technology has been designed with aesthetics as well as performance in mind. There is no unsightly rim so only the smooth curves of the bowl are visible.
- Better Looking… In research, 8 out of 10 consumers* preferred the look of the AquabBlade TM Technology bowl to a standard box rim and rimless toilet. *Based on research in the UK and Italy
- Exceptional Flush Performance
AquaBlade Technology gives a superior flush performance every time. With no overhanging rim, the water flows from the very top of the bowl rinsing 100% of the area beneath. The integral channel creates a pressureised cascade of water which flows round the powl creating two strong jets at the front. These merge to form a powerful plume of water that drives away solid matter effortlessly.
AquaBlade flush technology is the bathroom equivalent of the invention of the jet engine.

AquaBlade Technology outperforms all existing toilets in terms of hygiene. Traditional toilets leave a significant area of the bowl unwashed particularly at the back of the bowl. The AquaBlade channel is positioned close to the top of the bowl so 100% of the surface area beneath is rinsed clean every time.
AquaBlade Technology is also more hygienic than leading rimless toilets. These may harbour bacteria around the shelf plus water can ften splash over the bowl during flushing causing bacteria particles to be released into the air. With AquaBlade Technology, the optimized water pressure and the smooth curves of the bowl flush bacteria clean away with no unhygienic splashing.

AquaBlade Technology powerfully rinses the whole bowl clean with every flush and its gentle curved shape makes it easy to wipe with minimum effort

All Ideal Standard bowls are available with or without integrated douche spray. Douche Features:
• Non–return valve
• Nozzle
- Hidden
- Self Cleaning
- Adjustable
- Anti contamination position in higher place than flushing level by 7cm

What is the difference between a P Trap and an S Trap Toilet?
The quick answer is that it is where the toilet drain pipe leads.
The P (which is the more common type in Egypt) has the drain pipe at the wall behind the toilet bowl. And S trap has the drain pipe in the floor under the toilet.

Please ask your plumber if you are not sure which is the right one for your application

Ceramics Products Do’s and Don’ts
  • Clean immediately after use to stop a build-up of dirtand scale.
  • Use warm or soapy water, cream or liquid cleaner.
  • Fix dripping taps – this stops stain and limescale build up.
  • Occasional use of mild bathroom limescale removers is acceptable.
  • Use in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions,rinsing of well with plenty of water immediately after use.
  • Do not put bleach in the cistern, this can damage the internal fittings, it is acceptable to use in the toilet bowl itself.
  • Never use strong cleaners or bleach in overnight.
  • Never mix different cleaners in the WC, they can react to give off poisonous gas.

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