Ideal Standard 'Smile' 180cm Bathtub Panel
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Ideal Standard 'Smile' 180cm Bathtub Panel

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Life time warranty 

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Our Smile™ bathing tub with its semi circle shape is a new look in your bathroom; that provides relaxation, comfort together with its ultimate spaceous area.

All Ideal Standard bathtubs are manufactured from the sanitary grade cast acrylic sheets manufactured to the strictest quality measurements by “EIAP” and conform accordingly to European Standard EN198, NF, and TÜV. Ideal Standard has been recognized as the pioneer in the acrylic industry in Egypt. Consequently, we export to more than 45 countries worldwide. We offer a wide variety of designs and shapes of bathtubs most available as whirlpools with or without side panels. Our whirlpool systems and component are all CE & TÜV approved, supplied by European suppliers, Whirlpools are manufactured and tested to the highest safety requirements and available in different features and options to suit the luxury of our customers.


About Acrylic

Ideal Standard-Egypt acrylic products feature a pleasing range of shapes and sizes with a wide selection of colors to match all Ideal Standard Ceramics products. Made from special, sanitary ware-grade, acrylic sheet, whirlpools, tubs, and shower trays are vacuum formed, then reinforced with hand-sprayed, fiberglass resin backing for strength, durability, and maximum heat retention when bathing. For added durability, all of our whirlpools and bathtubs include wooden base support that is encased in the fiberglass backing to prevent the wood from warping over time and causing weakness in the tub after installation. One of the hardest thermoplastics created by man, our acrylic allows for the full realization of design potential, while yielding a tough, sturdy product that is easy to install and maintain. Because of these features and because of the highgloss, abrasion and chip resistant surface, acrylic bathing vessels are rapidly replacing outdated steel and cast iron alternatives around the world.


Whirlpool Systems

Whirlpool and Aerospa baths bring the superb refreshment of the Spa into the home. These systems have been designed especially for Ideal-Standard baths. Because no-one understands the design and specifications of our baths and whirlpools better than we do. Our factory builds them to ensure quality workmanship, safe, reliable performance and the assurance of a 5 year parts guarantee on whirlpools for Spa and mini spa system 1 year guarantee


Panel height: 540 mm


    Ideal Standard acrylic not only features sophisticated designs, a variety of sizes, and a complete color offering, but are also easy to maintain in prime condition. Just follow the instructions described below. To clean, simply apply a mild liquid detergent or nonabrasive cleaner with a soft damp cloth, rub gently, rinse, and wipe dry. To maintain the smooth and lustrous surface, or to remove marks, scratches, stains, or even burns, simply buff the area with a non-abrasive car or metal polish. If necessary, remove any ridges with an ultra-fine sandpaper. Caution: Do not use abrasive cleaners or heavy duty scouring pads, nail polish remover (acetone), petroleum distillate solvents, or other caustic substances which can cause permanent damage.




     PLEASE READ IT THOROUGHLY BEFORE USE. The design of your IDEAL STANDARD whirlpool bathtub prevents water from remaining in the plumbing pipes when the bathtub is emptied.  This will occur as long as the pump is mounted at the correct height in accordance to the specifications illustrated in the installation instructions. However as it may happen with all good quality whirlpool bathtubs, a few drops of water may remain in the various whirlpool components together with some organic materials, such as soap and skin tissue, as they can be deposited on the inside surface of any bathtub. It is common to clean the inside of the bathtub after each use, however, the plumbing pipes also require cleaning. If the plumbing pipes are not cleaned, biological deposits will build up on the inside surfaces which can eventually fall off as visible pieces. This biological growth can also give rise to unpleasant odors. The only way to prevent this from happening is to clean the plumbing pipes regularly with a chemical detergent. Please note down that foam bath should not be used in a whirlpool tub as they interfere with the operation of the pump. Only essential oils should be used. IDEAL STANDARD in conjunction with an eminent micro-biological laboratory, has conducted prolonged cleaning trials on a number of test installations from which has been established that the following cleaning procedure, if followed carefully, will ensure that the plumbing pipes remain clean and free from build-up.


    Cleaning procedure:

    1. Fill bath to the jet level with cold water.
    2. Add ¼ cup of vinegar in the water, make sure to stir the mixture of water and vinegar well.
    3. Close air inlet controls.
    4. Run whirlpool pump for 5 minutes.
    5. Switch off pump, drain the bathtub and refill it with clean water; allow bathtub to stand full of water for 20 minutes.
    6. Close air controls.
    7. Run whirlpool pump for 5 minutes and switch off pump then drain bathtub.
    8. Allow bathtub to stand for 12 hours after cleaning before refilling or further use.
    9. Repeat every 6 months.


    Ideal Standard Customer Service

    One Number for Cairo and all Governorates 19696

    Ideal Standard have 17 customer service centers: 2 in Cairo, 2 in Giza, 2 in Alexandria, Port Said, Zakazik, Mansoura, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Assiut, Luxor, Tanta and Marsa Alam. In addition, there are seasonal centers in Agami & Marina to serve all the north coast during summer.

    Ideal Standard offer:

    • Free inspections.
    • Free Hotline (19696).
    • Genuine replacement parts program.
    • Maintenance Staff in anywhere in Egypt.
    • Punctuality
    • 17 centers all around Egypt.
    • Well qualified and trained maintenance staff.
    • Follow up with the customer after plumber visit.
    • Receiving phone calls 24 hour.

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