Elba Gas Hob & Gas Oven & Hood
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Elba Gas Hob & Gas Oven & Hood

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5 Burners 90cm Hob in Stainless Steel

Hob 5 burners 90 cm, black ceramic, front keys, triple burner,

Dimensions (H/W/D):5.9 cm x 90 cm x 51 cm


  • One-hand ignition

One-hand burner ignition brings extra comfort and easy control to your gas hob. To activate the gas burner simply press the knob down and rotate it to desired level with one hand while your other hand is free. Quick, simple, and efficient.

  • Cast iron ProGrids

Massive and elegant cast iron ProGrids are extremely stable and resistant even to the highest temperatures. They bring superior stability, durability and user-friendly design to your kitchen.

  • Wok Burner

New wok burner with special shape of gas crown directs flame directly to wok and enables even more powerful cooking with up to 4.0 kW power. Asian cuisine, vegetables, and other dishes have never been so crisp and delicious, yet done so quickly.

Made in Italy.

90cm Giant Fan Gas Oven in Stainless Steel

Giant Fan Gas oven with a single control


  • GentleClose

Only a soft touch is needed to close the oven door smoothly, without any noise.

  • Defrost

No need to wait for your food to defrost to cook it. Now you can do it with this Oven.

  • MultiLevel baking

MultiLevel baking Many dishes in one go Combination of MultiFlow 360˚and HomeMade shape in some models of ovens helps reach the toughest objective: preparing up to five trays of dishes at once. The good news is: the flavor and smells don’t mix. Smart air distribution ensures that the food is evenly baked on every level. Since the oven volume is larger, the overview is excellent as well.

  • big space

The new generation of Gorenje ovens conceals a shape within the upper part. Now the optimized airflow circulates inside at an even greater volume, circling completely freely. The increased capacity allows the preparation of larger baking trays and larger quantities of food, while their outside dimensions remain the same. Instead of the previous 3, the Superior oven now enables using 5 levels at the same time. Capacities range up to 75l in standard ovens and up to 53l in microwave ovens, which is amongst the largest available on the market.

Made in Italy.

90cm Wall Mounted Hood in Stainless Steel

Installation Wall mounted-Finish st. steel 430 s7-Control Luminous soft touch-Energy class: A-3 speeds-Air extraction:702 m3/hour


  • LED lighting

LED lighting provides excellent and highly efficient illumination of the cooking hob and represents an important aesthetic and functional element in the kitchen. Its useful life is thirty times as long as that of conventional light bulbs, and it saves up to ten times as much power.

  • Various speeds

There is a range capable of absorbing when working at different speeds to give a variety of choices while cooking and after cooking as well.

  • Re-circulating hoods

Re-circulating hoods draw in steam and odor saturated air through a filter, then returning the treated air into the kitchen. If ducting for extraction is not possible, then recirculation may be another option. In this case, the air is drawn through a charcoal filter that removes cooking odors and steam, and the clean air is recirculated back into the kitchen. Cooker hoods for recirculation are easy to install and are normally used in blocks of flats where installing ducts leading directly to the outside of the building can be difficult. Extraction hoods draw in cooking fumes and trap vapors in a filter while expelling odors to the outside through a ventilation duct. You can expect to have to change the charcoal filter once or twice a year, depending on how often the cooker hood is used.

  • Filter

Unique aluminum grease filters are enhanced with a special polyurethane foam that eliminates up to 98% of all grease particles and other impurities. At the same time, the hood maintains its absorption efficiency.

Made in EU/RO


Color stainless
Installation type Built-in
Hob type  Gas Cooker
Burners 5
Height 5.9 cm
Width 90 cm
Depth 51 cm


  • Full Safety: Available
  • Auto Ignition: Available
  • Control: Front controls
  • supports: Cast iron   pan

Gas Oven


Color Stainless steel
Installation type Built-In
Oven types GAS
Oven Capacity 141 L
Height 55 cm
Width 89.5 cm
Depth 59.5 cm


  • Autoignition: Available
  • Full safety: Available
  • Fan: Available
  • Control Type: Digital
  • Function numbers: 1



Color Stainless Steel
Installation type Wall Mounted
Speeds 3
Extraction Capacity 702 m3/h
Height 500 mm
Width 900 mm
Depth min 855 mm - max 1320 mm

  • Installation Wall-mounted
  • Finish st. steel 430 s7
  • Control Luminous soft touch
  • Lighting 2 x round Led 1,5 W
  • Grease filter 3 x baffle filter
  • Blower W hc3o (250 w)
  • Air outlet flange Ø 150 mm
  • ENERGY class: A
  • 3 speeds
  • Air capacity :min 373 m3/h-max 650 m3/h-intensive 702 m3/h
  • Pressure: min 267 pa-max 373 pa-intemsive 378 pa
  • Acoustic power: min 55 dBA  - max 69 dB  -intensive 70 dBA
  • ACCESSORIES: Charcoal filter-Recirculating kit

    Customer service: 16758

    Made in EU/RO

    Warranty: 5 years