Clage 'CEX9' E-compact Instant Water Heater with Multiple Power System 6.6kW - 8.8kW
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Clage 'CEX9' E-compact Instant Water Heater with Multiple Power System 6.6kW - 8.8kW

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Made in Germany
1 Year Warranty

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  • Product SKU: CLG-075-2400-26239
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Saves up to 40% energy compared to conventional storage heaters.

The E-compact instant water heater features an economical operation. The water is heated directly as it flows through the unit. Hot water is not stored in a tank, which saves standby energy that would be otherwise required.

  • Electronically controlled instant water heater with compact design
  • The heating output is electronically controlled. This provides anideal hot water temperature without the need to add cold water atthe tap.
  • Push-button operation with LCD indicator for precisetemperature setting between 20°C and 55°C
  • Two programming buttons for individual pre-set temperatureslimits as well as function indicators
  • Easy installation facilitated by small dimensions and external ½ inchwater connectors
  • Precise temperatures due to TWIN TEMPERATURE control TTC®up to the capacity of the appliance
  • The efficient bare wire heating system IES® reduces lime scaledeposits and provides an extended service life
  • With the Multiple Power System MPS®, the maximum power ratingis set at the time of installation: 6.6 or 8.8kW
  • Can also be controlled via tablet or smartphone (iOS9 or higher /Android-OS4.4 or higher, FXE adapter, CLAGE Home Server andthe »Smart Control« app required)
  • Solar-compatible (inlet temperature ≤ 70°C)

Made in Germany

Product information sheet


CEX9 (Multiple Power System: 6.6 or 8.8kW adjustable)
Part number 2400-26239
Type closed-outlet
Maximum operating pressure [MPa (bar)] 1(10)
Water connections (thread connections) G½"
User set temperature [°C] 20 to 55
Hot water output at ∆t = 33K 1) 2) [l/min] 2.9 | 3.8
Switch-on flow rate / max. flow rate 3) [l/min] 2 / 5
Nominal power rating [kW] 6.6 | 8.8
Supply voltage 1~/N/PE 220..240V AC
Nominal current 2) [A] 29 | 38
Required cable diameter 2) [mm2] 4 – 6 | 6
Bare wire heating system IES® Image
Ready for Smart Control Image
Ready for FX wireless remote control Image
Solar-compatible, suitable for reheating (inlet temperature ≤70°C) Image
VDE approved / Protection class: Image/ IP 25
Specific water resistance at 15°C [Ωcm] ≥ 1100
Nominal volume [litres] 0.3
Weight filled with water [kg] approx. 2.7
Dimensions (height×width×depth) [cm] 29.4×17.7×10.8

1) Temperature increase e.g. from 12 °C to 45 °C

2) Depending on the selected power rating

3) Limited flow amount for optimal temperature increase

1 Year Warranty

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