BR UV Water Supply 90° Elbow
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BR UV Water Supply 90° Elbow

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Made in Egypt

Warranty 10 Years

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BR UV Water Supply 90° Elbow

Banninger – UV pipes consist of well-established four layers:

  • The first-outer layer is coated with a black UV-resistant material to ensure pipe long-term durability and prevent PP-R material from expansions and deformities.
  • The second layer of PP-R Polypropylene Copolymer, which is ideally integrated within the pipe structure to retain high water flow.
  • The unique third layer of absolute fiber/aluminum provides high rigidity and stability that prevents outside air from infiltration into the pipe.
  • The fourth-inner layer is made of PP-R where the smooth surface is in direct contact with hot and cold water to guarantee you a safer and better way of water transportation.

Advantages of Black UV Pipes:

  • Linear expansion coefficient is only 20-30% of ordinary PP-R pipe, completely resolves the stretching problem of common plastic pipe.
  • Enhances pipe rigid, prevents droop down phenomenon, and also reduces the density and number of supporting points, thus cuts down the total cost of installation.
  • Higher pressure-resistant level and longer working life under usual vibration.
  • Better high-temperature resistance, and obvious energy-saving effect; used in water heating system, the normal temperature is up to 95-100 degrees, it not only increases the medium temperature.
  • Solves the oxygen permeability of the pipeline, the inner surface is non-toxic, fine sealing, and sphagnum will not appear. The middle layer of the pipe completely prevents outside air from infiltration into pipe inside, thereby inhibits algae growth, and maintaining fresh pure water.


    Dn (Size mm) Dn (Size inch) d D I Z
    25mm 3/4'' 24.5 34 32 16
    32mm 1" 31.5 43 38 20
    40mm 1 1/4" 39.4 52 44 23
    50mm 1 1/2" 49.4 65 52 28
    63mm 2" 62.5 84 62 34

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