BR PPR Water Supply Fitting Concealed Valve
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BR PPR Water Supply Fitting Concealed Valve

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Made in Egypt

Warranty 10 Years

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Polypropylene water supply piping system suitable for hot and cold water supply.
Designed for indoor use.(for exposed installations use BR. UV water supply solution).

Areas of application:
  • Cold and hot potable water
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Rainwater application
  • Heating systems
  • Pipelines for industrial use
  • Compressed air system
Features of Bänninger – Water Supply System:
  • Available with a wide range of sizes (20mm – 160mm)
  • High flow rate, light weight and smooth inner surface
  • Great stability and reliability at higher temperature
  • Non-toxic, chemical resistant and absolutely has no rust release
  • Ease of fitting and ability to maintain water pressure.
  • Low installation cost

    Dn-Rp (Size mm) d D D1 Z N
    20- 3⁄4 19.5 35 45 46 75
    25- 3⁄4 24.5 35 45 43 75
    32- 3⁄4 31.5 35 45 39 75

    Installation Tips

    • Use cutters with a sharp, pointed blade for smaller sizes
    • Remove any debris left from cutting the pipe
    • Wipe the end of the pipe from inside and outside with clean cloth to remove dirt, grease and/or moisture
    • Plug in the iron early, as it will take 5-10 minutes to heat up.
    • When the iron is hot, insert the pipe and fitting into the iron.
    • Pushing both sides at the same time, immediately insert the pipe into the fitting. Push the pipe until the rings meet within the welding time.
    • Once the rings meet, you will have 5 to 15 seconds to make adjustments to the alignment, depending on the pipe size. Do not twist during adjustment, alignment, or insertion.

    BR Customer Service  19678

    BR Customer Care
    We support our customers in making cost effective and correct use of our pipes and fittings range .
    This involves assistance in planning , installation , training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and product disposal. Our sales and service representatives basic goal is not only to satisfy our customers, but to offer them an experience that exceeds their expectation. We aim to extend our automated customer services through our internet website, providing service 24-hour a day.
    Whatever the situation may be, our call center staff make sure that they don’t leave our customers with unanswered questions.

    BR Customer and partner training
    train your customers better - and your results will be better . we increase customer satisfaction and product awareness and knowledge through training services to our customers . customers who get full utility out of the products and services they have purchased are simply more likely to repeat purchases and refer others . providing education and information on our pipes and fittings simplifies a customers decision-making process on what solutions to best fit their needs this improves our product adoption and effectively reflects on our increased sales .
    BR Quality Assurance
    The production of a quality controlled pipe system demands supervision , regulation and control on all work operations . We follow DIN-guidelines , DVGW working sheets and Supervisory Regulations of the MPA NRW , to maintain minimum requirements for internal control , through internal audits and laboratory tests.
    BR Guarantee
    "BR" always maintains the highest standards of quality for its customers.
    To support this "BR" warrants a 10-year guarantee for all its piping network components from the date of purchase . (Please ask your local representative for details ) . The guarantee is valid under conditions of proper operation , compliance with proper rules of engineering , installation , storage and transportation. "BR" is responsible for damage , to cover costs connected the specific goods and repair any direct damage caused by its products , under its direction our undertake their expenses , after "BR" checks and approves the estimated liability.