BR PPR Black Aluminum Pipe SDR6 with Max Pressure 20 Bar
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BR PPR Black Aluminum Pipe SDR6 with Max Pressure 20 Bar

Availability: In Stock
  • Made in Egypt
  • Warranty 10 Years
  • Price is per Meter
  • Pipe is sold with the standard length (4 meters)
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  • Product SKU: BRA-053-331080101
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Benninger – UV pipes consist of well-established four layers;
  1. The first-outer layer is coated with a black UV-resistant material to ensure pipe long-term durability and prevent PP-R material from expansions and deformities.
  2. The second layer of PP-R Polypropylene Copolymer, which is ideally integrated within the pipe structure to retain high water flow.
  3. The unique third layer of absolute fiber/aluminum provides high rigidity and stability that prevents outside air from infiltration into the pipe.
  4. The fourth-inner layer is made of PP-R where the smooth surface is in direct contact with hot and cold water to guarantee you a safer and better way of water transportation.


Features of UV-resistance piping system:
  • Long-term durability to survive in high temperatures
  • Fittings may include a wide inspection door to facilitate the maintenance process if needed.
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Higher flow rate and safe to portable water
  • Low linear expansion
  • Light weight, ease of transportation, handling and installation


    DN/OD (Size mm)

    Water Capacity
    20 13.2 3.4 0.203 0.137 4 160
    25 16.6 4.2 0.311 0.216 4 100
    32 21.2 5.4 0.497 0.353 4 60
    50 33.4 8.3 1.178 0.988 4 20
    63 42.0 10.5 1.859 1.336 4 16


    Installation Tips

    • Use cutters with a sharp, pointed blade for smaller sizes
    • Remove any debris left from cutting the pipe
    • Wipe the end of the pipe from inside and outside with clean cloth to remove dirt, grease and/or moisture
    • Plug in the iron early, as it will take 5-10 minutes to heat up.
    • When the iron is hot, insert the pipe and fitting into the iron.
    • Pushing both sides at the same time, immediately insert the pipe into the fitting. Push the pipe until the rings meet within the welding time.
    • Once the rings meet, you will have 5 to 15 seconds to make adjustments to the alignment, depending on the pipe size. Do not twist during adjustment, alignment, or insertion.

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    BR Guarantee
    "BR" always maintains the highest standards of quality for its customers.
    To support this "BR" warrants a 10-year guarantee for all its piping network components from the date of purchase. (Please ask your local representative for details). The guarantee is valid under conditions of proper operation, compliance with proper rules of engineering, installation, storage, and transportation.