Bosch 'Zamo Set' Digital Laser Measure
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Bosch 'Zamo Set' Digital Laser Measure

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  • Made in Malaysia
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  • Product SKU: BST-074-0603672701
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Zamo Set Makes Measuring Objects And Interior Spaces Accurate, Fast And Simple

The Handy Set Is Ideal For Precise Measuring With Ease. Laser Technology Achieves High Levels Of Accuracy For Distances Up To 20m. The Zamo Set Integrates Three Practical, Bosch Patented Adapters For A Wide Range Of Projects: A Wheel Adapter Easily Measures Curves And Irregular Surfaces, While The Line Adapter Is Perfect For Levelling Objects. Also Included Is A Tape Adapter That Precisely Meters Circumferences And Free Standing Objects. For Easy Handling, The Tool Can be Intuitively Operated By Its One-Button Control, Comfortably Measuring Distances, Objects And Shapes.

Handy Adaptable Laser Measure Set With Three Useful Attachments:


  • Adaptable Laser Measure Tool Accurately Measures Distances Up To 20m.
  • New Interface Allows The Connection Of Tape, Wheel And Line Adapters (Sold Separately).
  • For Measuring Distances, Objects And Areas As Well As Aligning Objects On A Wall.
  • Especially Suitable For Measuring Freestanding Objects And Irregular Surfaces.
  • Simple On-Button Control Offers Ease Of Use.


Function And Advantages Of Zamo Set:

  • Square Meter: The Square-Meter Function Calculates Areas With A Simple Double-Click By Multiplying The Last Two Measured Values. This Is Perfect For Quickly And Easily Determining Flooring Or Wallpaper Requirements.
  • Curves: The Wheel Adapter Provides Fast And Easy Measurements Of Freestanding Objects As Well As Curved Or Irregular Surfaces. It Is Particularly Useful For Determining Upholstery Fabric Lenghts Or Cable Lenghts For Home Electronics And Entertainment Systems.


More Features Of Zamo Set:

  • Easy Horizontal And Vertical Levelling: Line Adapter Projects A Laser Line For Fast And Easy Horizontal And Vertical Alignment Of Objects.
  • Adapting To Every Need: The Interface Enables The Mounting Of Bosch`s Three Adapter Heads (The Wheel Adapter, The Line Adapter, And The Tape Adapter) Thats Suit Every Type Of Measuring Need.
  • Laser Precision For Determining Distances Quickly: Measure Distances With Precision - Get Accurate Results When Determining Heights And Lenghts Thanks To Bosch`s Laser Technology.

What`s Inside The Box:
  • Zamo Set Digital Laser Measure.
  • Premium Cardboard Box.
  • 2 x 1.5V LR03 (AAA) Batteries.

Made in Malaysia

Order Number 0603672701
Laser Diode 635nm
Laser Class 2
Measurement Range 0.15 - 20.00m
Measurement Accuracy,
Measurement Time, Typical 0.5s
Measurement Time, Max. 4s
Battery 2 x 1.5V LR03 (AAA)
Automatic Deactivation 5min
Weight 0.09kg
Tool Dimensions (L x W x H) 105x22x38mm

1 Year Warranty

Customer service: 16716